Maria Rosa
Ribas Monné
Maria Rosa, Ribas Monné
Composer and pianist born in Barcelona, she made her musical studies in the Conservatory Superior Municipal of Music of Barcelona, where she obtained the degrees of Piano, Guitar, Solfa and Composition, and the prizes of Honor in Piano, Music of Camera, Harmony and Compositioin, as well as a mention of Honor in Fugue.

She has worked under the direction of Sofia Puche (piano), Xavier Montsalvatge (composition), Antoni Ros Marbà (orchestra conducting), Paul Schilhawsky (piano accompaniment). She also enlarged her music education with many short courses and seminars given by most reputable musicians as: Rosalyn Tureck, Dimitri Baskiroff, Frederic Gevers, Paul Badura Skoda, Witold Lutoslawsky.

In 1980 she was awarded in the contest of composition 'Francesc Basil' of Figueres, for the piano piece 'Tema variant'. In 1998 the Catalan Assotiation of the Woman granted her the First Prize of Music 'Caterina Albert i Paradís' for the lied 'El bes'. In 2009 she won the Prize of Composition 'Ciutat de Sant Cugat'. The piece rewarded was '12 haikús japonesos' -lyrics in catalan language by Jordi Coca-, for voice and piano. In 2010 she recorded her collection of songs 'Les ales del vent', on poems by Màrius Torres, a catalan poet.

Her musical activity is as well in the interpretation field or in composition. As a pianist she make duo with the soprano M. Àngels Miró. Special take up to contemporary catalan music. She also presents and interprets together with the aforementioned soprano a lieder concert devoted to the 'Women Composers'.

Many of their works has been played in several European countries, México, Japan and also in the USA.

She is teaching piano at the aforementioned Conservatory. Since 1980 she is a member of the 'Associació Catalana de Compositors.'
The composer can be contacted by:
phone : 93 4517656
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