Alejandro, Civilotti
Alejandro Civilotti was born in La Plata (the Argentine) in 1959.
From an early age, he developed an interest in music in an intuitive way playing the guitar and performing Latin American traditional music on TV, radio, theatres, and taking part in recordings.

In later years, 1978-1983, he studied harmony, counterpoint, fugue, morphology and composition under Enrique Gerardi; he studied clarinet first and then viola at the Provincial Conservatoire in La Plata in this stage.

In 1984 he moved to Barcelona and worked composition and instrumentation with Josep Soler and was also tutored on these subjects by Joan Guinjoan reaching full maturity as a composer.

In 1988 he became a Spanish citizen. At present he is a member of the Catalan Composer Association and is a professor of harmony, counterpoint and composition at the Professional-Higher Conservatoire of Music in Badalona.

Main Compositions:

Orchestral works:

-Symphony I
-Symphony II
-Symphony III
-Symphony IV
-Symphony V
-Five Paintings
-Four Impressions for string.

Works for Solo Voice and Orchestra:

-The Poet's Time. For Tenor and Orchestra. Based on poems by the Russian poet Vladimir Maiakovsky.

Works for Solo Instruments and Orchestra:

-Harmonizing Variants. For Piano and Orchestra.
-Rhapsody. For Solo Percussion and Orchestra
-Auris Concertum . For Cello solo and Orchestra
-Auris Resonantiam. For Violín solo and Orchestra

Chamber Music:

-Fantasy. For Wind Quintet
-String Quartet.
-In Memoriam
-Toccata for Nine

Works for Solo Instruments:

-Piano Concerto
-Night Music. For Solo Piano.

The Centre for the diffusion of Contemporary Music commissioned him to carry out different works for the International Festival in Alicante (1989 and 1996). In 1993 he was invited by the Ministry of Culture in France to represent Catalonia in composing a work to be performed by amateur children as well as professional musicians for the 'Momeludies 93' organized by the University of Lyon. This work is now in the syllabus of that Ministry. He also works for different soloists in Spain and abroad.

Main Awards:

-Competition for Young Composers in Barcelona (1988). 1st Prize: Fantasy for Wind Quintet.

-Finalist in Prospect for Young Composers of O.N.E. Competition held in the Teatro Real de Madrid (1988). Work: Symphony I

-Ciutat de Barcelona Prize (1988). 1st Prize: The Poet's Time

-'Luis de Narváez' Ciudad de Granada Prize (1990). 1st Prize: String Quartet

-'Francesc Civil' Ciudad de Girona International Prize (1991). 1st Prize: Concerto for Piano Solo.

-International Prize Concerto Ciudad de Cáceres (1992). 1st Prize: Harmonizing Variants.

-5th National Composition Contest 'Manuel Valcárcel' (1993). 1st Prize: Night Music

-International Prize Ciutat de Tarragona (1993). 1st Prize: Rhapsody for Percussion Solo and Orchestra. This work was picked out among 126 from all over the world and was performed for the first time by the Ciutat de Barcelona Orchestra on 2-VII-94 conducted by Edmon Colomer.

-International 'Queen Sofía' Prize, granted by Ferrer Salat Foundation (1995). 1st Prize: Five Paintings for Orchestra. This work was performed for the first time by the Radiotelevisión Española Orchestra conducted by S. Comissiona.

-Finalist of International Prize 'Ciudad de Alcoi' in 1999

-'Trinac 2003' Prize, summoned by 'Fundación Encuentros Internacionales de Música Contemporánea', 'Consejo Argentino de la Música', thanks his 'Cinco Grabados para Orquesta' (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

- Finalist of 'Premio Casa de las Américas' in Cuba (2004)
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